Product Information

Product Information

Absorbent Padding used inside Pads & Liners, Underwear and 'Comfy' Bed Pads
Padding Fibre Composition :70% Viscose Rayon - 30% Polyester
This padding is manufactured specifically for use in Incontinence garments and will absorb approximately 9 times it's weight without dripping. The viscose content is a fibre made from wood pulp and is like cotton - absorbent. It is resistant to alkali and can be washed many times, but should NOT be bleached with CHLORINE BLEACHES as bleaching tenderises the Viscose. FABRIC SOFTENERS should be used sparingly as excessive amounts may greatly reduce the absorbency. The padding may shrink slightly with repeated hot laundering/drying cycles. The approximate absorbency's quoted in this catalogue have been gauged on even disbursement of fluid over the entire padded area. For maximum absorbency and to soften the padding we recommend that all padded garments be pre-washed before use. To minimise the drying time and maximise the life of our garments, it is important to TURN ALL PADDED BRIEFS INSIDE OUT BEFORE WASHING AND TUMBLE DRYING. (DO NOT 'OVER DRY') If the washing instructions are followed, the approximate washes expected from our products are as follows:
Approximately 350 to 400 washes - (temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius)
Styles: All Adult's and Children's briefs
Pads and Liners
Waterproof mattress & Pillow protectors (except for SD-9F& SD-9FX pillow protectors - cold wash only)
'Comfy ' Bed Pads, and Chair Pads

Polyester Knit fabric used to line the Pads, Underwear and 'Comfy' Bed Pads
Our Pads, Underwear and 'Comfy's' are lined with 100% Polyester Knit. This fabric allows moisture to pass through into the absorbent padding, leaving a "Dry" feeling against the skin which will help prevent skin irritation and chafing.

Stretch lace on Ladies and Girl's styles.
We have reinforced the stretch lace with a clear non-perishable elastic to enable the elasticity to remain through normal laundering procedures.


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